Leadership Weekend

February 22-23, 2020

This weekend program is open to all campers currently enrolled in our Adventurer (grade 7-9) programs this upcoming summer.  All Adventurer campers are welcome, whether this is their first or tenth summer at Camp Warwa.

We believe that the personal attributes of confidence, initiative and service are traits that we all have inside us.  The key to bringing them out is to see those traits role modelled for us by our mentors.  Campers who attend this weekend will receive leadership training and stories from Camp Warwa staff and alumni.  They will also get to know the other campers in our community who are passionate about leadership and are considering becoming a staff member one day.

Registration for this weekend is $40.  Accomodations and meals are all included.  Round trip bussing is available.

Drop off at Camp Warwa on Saturday is between 9am-10am and pick up on Sunday is 1:30pm. Drop off at Coronation Park on Saturday for the Bus is 8:30am-9am and pick up on Sunday is 2:30pm.


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