Sponsor a Camper and Change a Child's Life

Camp Warwa believes that a camp can be an important part of a child's growth and development.  A positive camp experience can go a long way to helping youth become more confident, responsible, supportive of others and connected with nature.

The Friendship Fund has been established to provide assistance to those families that want to send their child to camp, but are unable to afford the full cost.  This subsidy program matches families in need with donors who believe in supporting children going to camp.

The Friendship Fund is sustained by generous donations from individuals, businesses and local Canadian Progress Clubs.  100% of all donations to the subsidy program go directly to campers in need of financial support.  Each camper that receives a subsidy is given the opportunity to write a letter of thanks to their anonymous supporter.  In turn, each donor not only receives a charitable receipt, but also a card from their camper and a letter telling the story of their week.

On behalf of all the families who benefit from this wonderful program, thank you so much for your generous support!

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