ABC Playschool

Camp Warwa is delighted to host ABC Playschool here on our site.  ABC Preschool is a full accredited play, learn and grow preschool serving children ages 3-4.  It operates Tuesday and Thursday mornings from September - June.  The playschool is facilitated by trained, professional early childhood educators and overseen by a non-profit society of local parents.

ABC Playschool program includes music and movement, fitness and exercise, books and library, arts and crafts, themes, as well as sharing and presentation.  It is founded on the following teaching philosophies and goals:

- Learning Through Play
- Social Skills & Peer Interaction
- Speech, Communication and Conversing
- Listening and Following Directions
- Learning Rules and Routines

You can check out what ABC Playschool is up to this week on their Facebook Page.

To learn more about the program, or to register, please contact ABC Playschool through the form below.

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